Bathroom Waterproofing in Sydney

Waterproofing and Sealing of Bathrooms, Leaking Showers & Laundries

Showers & bathrooms waterproofing in Sydney is one the most commonly reported building defects by homeowners. Poor membrane installation practices are the main cause of waterproofing failure.

What can we offer?

Fully seamless waterproofing systems for internal wet areas, liquid and sheet applied waterproofing solutions. This includes particleboard, plywood, scyon, and concrete slab substrates The appropriate waterproof primer will be selected depending on the surface.

We also complete the following:

  • Waterproofing of all corners and horizontal joints in the shower
  • Waterproofing of plasterboard joints and nail heads extending in the shower
  • Sealing of tap penetrations
  • Waterproofing of floors & horizontal surfaces that adjoin an insert bath
  • Installation of waterstops at laundry, shower and bathroom’s doorways.
  • Installation of bond breakers for bonds between membranes & substrates
  • Waterproofing of floors for frameless shower screens
  • Waterproofing of fixing penetrations
  • Waterproofing for hobs & hobless showers.


Our long years of expertise has allowed us to research and test different membrane waterproofing products in Sydney’s market, to ensure our clients are only receiving the best quality at all times. We use different products depending on the application required for bathrooms, laundries & showers waterproofing to ensure optimal performance. All products are installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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