Affordable Balcony Waterproofing in Sydney

Discover our extensive range of balcony waterproofing options to tackle those leaking patches that are a sore sight for any homeowner. Besides ruining the visual appeal of your home, they can cause some serious structural damage.

Trust us for we have over 4 decades of experience and knowledge to perform the job accurately at once. We are the foremost choice of many residents, industries and businessmen for balcony waterproofing in Sydney.

Our services are not limited to balcony waterproofing as we offer a comprehensive range of waterproofing solutions for your home at reasonable price. We are completely assertive about our work as we offer a warranty on our services so you can be rest assured that we will perform a precise job.

Take a glance at our projects to get an insight on how we can transform your leaking balcony.


Hunting For A Trusted Balcony Waterproofing Company in Sydney?

Mister membrane Pty Ltd has had over 15 years experience in waterproofing in new and existing  balconies. We can work alongside you and advise you throughout the construction and or rectification of your balcony on how to achieve a long term balcony waterproofing solution that works!

We also offer flood testing on completion of your project ensuring your balcony is leak free prior to tiling or decking!

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Why should you get your balcony appropriately waterproofed?

Leaking balconies can cause huge damage to your building or home, for timber frame and concrete slab structures over time rotting/concrete cancer can occur and if left unattended, your entire balcony could collapse. It’s also common for water leaks to cause mold which carry numerous health issues.

Obviously, you’ll need to repair the damage, but it’s usually a more expensive solution than having your balcony waterproofed properly from the beginning. Do the right thing, prevent any problems and employ a licensed waterproofing company in Sydney to protect your balcony.


A Sydney-based good balcony waterproofing company?

Yes, Mister Membrane is. Our company employs only fully trained and licensed waterproofing experts in Sydney. Fully insured. membrane waterproofing


Cheap waterproofing company?


If you choose a cheap balcony waterproofing company, you might end up with a non-licensed waterproofer, which is an indication that of lack of training. That being said, we promise to offer a very competitive quote for an affordable balcony waterproofing project.

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Why Mister Membrane?

We have been in the business for long, and we can give you as many references as you need for both residential & commercial waterproofing projects to give you the peace of mind you need that we will do the best waterproofing job for you.

We use the best waterproofing materials to ensure you will have no waterproofing issues or complaints.

We are happy to visit your home and inspect the problematic area before giving an estimate for your balcony waterproofing project!

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